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Firmus Financial​

Firmus Financial LLC is a small-pool investment fund, founded in 2014. We hold a diversified 5-state portfolio of real estate and deeds of trust secured against real estate and related entities, with a primary strategic focus on properties that have upside potential with a fallback position of positive cash flow.


Our current holdings range from Single Family flips acquired through auctions and tax-lien sales, to mid-sized apartment complexes, to commercial and residential zoned developments, with a preference for properties that have existing carrier rental income.


We have working relationships with partners across the country who help us locate and manage suitable development and rehab projects that we fund, and when a property is either leased up or sold, the profits are shared with our investors, who can take either monthly, quarterly or annual distributions, while the majority opt to have the money roll back into the fund so that their profits are compounded.


Membership is in the form of shares with an initial minimum investment of $50,000, and earnings are reported to our shareholders in a monthly statement and at the end of the year in a K-1 statement that is filed with their taxes. The fund is a transparent entity and taxes are passed through directly to the investors without additional liability.

Meet The Team

Martin Boone

Jade Street Partners

Phone: 831.464.5021

Martin Boone brings over 40 years' experience in real estate sales, development and investment. He has built and managed multiple investment funds, the largest of which have controlled in excess of $200 Million in assets for hundreds of investors.


Chris Johnson

Jade Street Partners

Phone: 831.464.5027

Chris brings a strong book-keeping background with extensive experience managing the records for multiple investment funds. He is often the voice of reason on our team and helps make sure we are well-alerted of any budget developments with our various projects.

New Headshot SM.jpg

Datta Khalsa

Managing Partner

Phone: 831.818.0181

Investment properties are a core part of Mr. Khalsa’s real estate focus, having been raised in a family that owned multiple apartment complexes in the Monterey Bay Area.


Ron Ward

Managing Partner

 Phone: 831.234.2134

Ron Ward has a true entrepreneurial spirit, a gifted eye for business opportunity, and a successful track record meeting and exceeding personal and business goals.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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