New Smyrna Beach, Florida



Projected Annual Rate of Return 


Property has two homes on one parcel located in New Smyrna Beach that would rent for $4K per month combined. Front house is 1,300 sq ft and can be expanded to 1500 sq ft and back house is 850 sq ft. Block construction with swimming pool and dock on Turnbull Bay which goes out to the ocean. Both homes were livable but needed new kitchens, bathrooms and flooring. HVAC systems worked, but needed updating. Lot size .72 acres on a nice street of upscale homes with prices up to $800K. Acquisition cost was $75K with leveraged private financing. Remodeling cost estimated at $100K with 60 to 80 days for construction. Homes on both sides are new. Recent comps and net sheets suggest $599K to $699K resale prices indicating upwards of $100K profit after closing costs and $25K interest carry over a six-month hold.


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