Datta Khalsa
Managing Partner
(831) 818-0181  I

Investment properties are a core part of Mr. Khalsa’s real estate focus, having been raised in a family that owned multiple apartment complexes in the Monterey Bay Area.  Not surprisingly, his first closed real estate deal in 1993 was the sale of an  8-plex apartment building in Santa Cruz. In the years since then, as a real estate broker and investor he has handled a broad array of investment properties, ranging from Apartment Complexes and Warehouses, to Strip Centers, Mixed-Use Development, Regional Shopping Center, and large Single-Tenant Net Leased Investments, handling transactions in Santa Cruz, Monterrey, Santa Clara, San Mateo and Kern Counties.

His resume also includes a regular stream of business opportunity sales and commercial leases as a member of CABB (California Association of Business Brokers) and registered American Industrial Real Estate Association AIRForms user. As Broker and Owner Main Street Realtors, in addition to assisting investors in the analysis, listing, and sale of their properties, he also offers the full range of Residential and Commercial Leasing and Property Management Services and is an affiliated member of the Tri-County Apartment Owners Association. Along the way, he has built a private real estate portfolio, investing as sole owner or partner in various project types, including vacation rental, mixed-use commercial center, strip center, neighborhood shopping center, and multiple apartment complexes.

Ron Ward
Managing Partner
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Since childhood, Ron Ward has had a true entrepreneurial spirit, a gifted eye for business opportunity, and interest in real estate. He has had a successful track record meeting and exceeding personal and business goals. Over the years, Mr. Ward has had the ability to recognize new opportunities in the real estate marketplace based on trends, regulations, customer feedback and competition.  


At an early age Mr. Ward involved himself in sports. By the age fifteen Mr. Ward found a love for tennis and dedicated a good portion of his early life to the sport, playing junior events, then playing in college, where he won an NCAA Individual title, and finally played professionally. Mr. Ward won or was in the final of over 25 professional events throughout the world. As a side interest for Mr. Ward he has coached High School and College teams over the years as well as individual players ranging in levels from beginners to players ranked as high as thirty in the world professionally. His students and peers have looked to him not only as a coach, but as role model, leader, and mentor.

In the early 1990's, after graduating from UCSC with a degree in Politics. Mr. Ward began his personal investment journey in Real Estate starting with a small condominium in Phoenix and over the years expanding his portfolio to owning over forty properties ranging from condominiums and homes, to large commercial complexes throughout the United States, from Florida to California and many states in between. This gave Mr. Ward a uniquely qualified view into management, repairs, and other facets of the Real Estate industry. 


By early to mid 2000, Mr. Ward began in the rehab and land entitlements/development side of Real Estate starting and completing many new rehab and development projects which many he still owns today. Mr. Ward recognizes, that the last four years have been the most difficult time for most investors. He was not unscathed by the economic events himself, but has come out the other side and is still thriving and succeeding in an ever-changing economy. With a major portfolio in hand, a will for success, and invaluable experience, Mr. Ward has proven he will continue to move to the top. Mr. Ward realizes that now is an opportune time to invest and he has helped assemble a super team to make the Firmus Investment Fund a fantastic opportunity for those who invest.