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Strength in Versatility

Tools and Lessons From Managing a Diverse Portfolio

October 22nd, 2020
Pacific Standard Time
Requires RSVP
Or, Call 831-296-0202

No one knows which way the real estate market is going to go - you need a versatile investment strategy that can handle anything.

In this webinar, a panel of seasoned real estate brokers, investors, and fund managers will share insights into what the real estate market is doing right now across 11 states.

You will walk away with actionable tactics for bringing the power of versatility to your investment portfolio.

You Will Discover:
  • The advantages and pitfalls of popular real estate models.

  • How to hedge your returns in uncertain times - lessons from the ‘08 Great Recession.

  • What hybrid investment model can balance performance with security.

Featured Presenters:


Datta Khalsa

Real estate fund manager, broker, investor, analyst and advisor, with over 25 years experience

FINAL WEB BW 0042 2.jpg

Ron Ward

Real estate fund manager and investor with portfolios in multiple regions of the country, over 20 years experience


Martin Boone

Real estate broker, investor, developer, lender, entity formation and management leader, with over 40 years experience


Chris Johnson

 Investment fund accounting, servicing and compliance officer for multiple entities, with over 20 years experience

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